We create and publish training materials and deal with the research of financial and commodity markets and identification of trading opportunities. We create information content in digital electronic form and its subsequent sale. We are not a stockbroker or broker, we are not financial institutions and we are not a financial intermediary.


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Preconditions for profitable trading are quality and above all successful analyzes

Answer yourself truthfully!

Do you want to learn how to trade on the capital markets?

Does your broker advise you on losing trades?

Do they often force you into unnecessary deals?

Do you feel that you are not receiving adequate services for your money?

Have you been trading for many years and still without solid results?

Do you think that lack of experience prevents you from trading?

Are you afraid that trading will take you more time than you would like?

Get inspired by the most powerful analyses on the market.


Trading financial and commodity markets is not a science, but the longer you move on these markets, the more experience you logically gain over time. Members of our team have been dealing professionally in financial and commodity trades for an average of 20 years. Long enough for them to be able to either identify business opportunities with a high potential for profit in a short time or, on the contrary, to be able to avoid trades as successfully as possible, where the risks outweigh the potential.


That's exactly what we can do.


You probably know that improving the whole process of identifying trade opportunities and publishing analyzes with solid potential is a lifelong long-distance run. You won't learn it for a weekend, a month or a year. However, this does not mean that you cannot participate on financial and commodity trading. You can and it is not complicated!


1. Learn only the basics. Browse the page of our website called ACADEMY, where you will really learn only what is necessary to understand the basic principles.


2. Find a source of quality information that you can start using and that you can be inspired by.


The best and easiest way for everyone is independent financial and commodity analyses of the VIP analytic information service on the Capital Analysis website. It is the only website with a demonstrable history of published analyzes achieving almost 85 % success rate.

VIP analytical information service

Capital Analysis

The website www.capital-analysis.com is a completely independent website providing clients with a unique analytical and information service in the form of financial and commodity analyzes, individual technical support, offline education materials and e-books for those who are interested.

We create and publish training materials, market analyzes and deal with the identification of stock market signals. We engage in creating information content in digital electronic form and its subsequent sale. We are not a stockbroker or broker, we are not financial institutions and we are not a financial intermediary.

Other subjects of activity include creation of educational videos and personal mentoring for those who are interested. Contributors of the information analysis portal Capital Analysis are professionals in their field and have almost 2 decades of experience in financial and commodity markets. We gain new clients, among other things, thanks to positive references from our existing subscribers. We offer each client of the VIP information analytics service an individual approach tailored to his needs.

On the website www.capital-analysis.com, among other things, you will find


Up to 20 of the best stock market analyzes and signals per day.


Regularly updated results of published signals and analyzes.


Stock specials. Stock analyzes with 100 % success rate.


A unique modern application tailored to the needs of clients.


Unique analytical support service over the phone.


Several video diaries of a professional trader every week

BONUS FOR YOU: For subscribers of the Capital Analysis VIP service, we have prepared STOCK SPECIALS that are hard to find anywhere else!

These are large-format stock analyzes with a detailed fundamental analysis of the positive factors that most influence stock price developments, a list of possible risk factors, a detailed example of potential analysis developments and expectations of future development + with set profit target.

Leave boring work to professionals who understand their job!

The Capital Analysis information service will not teach you how to trade, it will not encourage you and tell you to buy more and more seminars without the certainty of any success.

You don't have to sit for hours at the computer, you don't have to go to long overpriced seminars, you don't have to take full responsibility for your own trading.

In Capital Analysis, we will show you all the business predictions in the non-public VIP section of the website, and we will send you the best with the highest potential directly to your smartphone every day through our mobile application. In the new mobile application, during the day, you will be able to get acquainted with all published analyzes and signals in a clear menu.

By ordering the VIP analytical information service Capital Analysis you will get

  • Online access to signals and analyzes via mobile or web application
  • Depending on the market situation, up to 20 analyzes and signals per day
  • Continuously updated results of all analyzes and signals
  • Several video diaries of professional trader per week
  • Unique analyzes of individual companies with the expected performance of the share
  • Choose from many seasonal and trend analyzes on currencies and commodities
  • Information on the best possible entry and exit from the market
  • A unique opportunity to communicate with technical and analytical support
  • Free of charge access to educational and training e-books
  • Access to educational and training videos of a professional trader
  • Online market news and comments

Don't buy pig in a poke. First of all, get to know yourself the benefits and unique features of our VIP analytical information service Capital Analysis.

Be the owner of your own business activities! Don't let anyone play with your emotions!

Don't be a sheep and become a wolf!

Do not be a sheep in the hands of financial intermediaries, for whom you are income from a number of transactions. They do not care about your success, but about the fee for completed transactions. Financial intermediary benefits whether you are making money or loosing money.

Good analysis is better than hundred webinars!

Without quality analysis, you have no chance of success. The analyst does not care if the trade lasts 30 seconds or two years. He works with an idea based on experience. The success of the analysis builds on the right timing and its "reward" is to reach the expected target price.

Quality = VIP Capital Analysis service

Therefore, look for and focus on quality analyses from professional analysts who benefit from the quality of their analyses and who leave the decision on how many trades you make or which broker you´re with to you with a clear conscience.


References from our VIP members - thank you

I learned about the capital-analysis.cz website purely by chance from acquaintances. Curiosity did not give me peace, I tried them and I have been trading for several weeks according to their analyzes and signals. At first, just to practice, to check how they work, but now I've been using them in real life for about three weeks. So far I am very satisfied. Of course, making some conclusions is still a little premature, but I can't complain yet.
I have very good experience with this domain. Since I have been trading for more than ten years, I have replaced many brokers and, of course, sources of analysis. I was slowly succumbing to the despair that there could be a resource that could be trusted in the long run. But I must say that since I use the analysis on the capital-analysis website, I have been doing unusually well.
have been trading on various platforms with various traders for several years. But it was only now that I started using the information from this site that I finally felt a more significant profit on my account. And not only me, but also my acquaintances, who, based on my advice, also started using the site. Of course, it is necessary to take into account that not every store will come out. While I used to suffer regularly, now I'm really profitable for the first time, in the long run. I don't have to be up all night hypnotizing the monitor, thanks to the pre-set instructions I have everything solved. I am glad that I am finally calm during the day (and especially at night). At the same time, I see that what I have always believed internally, that you can really make money on such trades, has really begun to come true.
They're not the only ones providing trading signals, but I like the support on the phone. The person sitting there obviously knows what he is talking about and can easily explain to me the pros and cons of the individual signals I receive on my mobile. When I'm not sure, I'll call, we'll discuss it, and either their arguments will convince me or I'll let it be. It doesn't force me to do anything, which is nice. I want, I don't want to, it's up to me.
Great, I've tried a lot, but so far these guys are number 1 for me. Give them a try, you won´t regret it.
I use information from the Capital-analysis website and the only problem I discovered is myself and my non-compliance with predetermined limits. I trade futures contracts and Forex and many of my inputs are fundamentally inspired by this site. I also recommend the educational academy, not only for beginners. There is always something to learn. Thanks for the help.
Like most of me, I approached the information on the capital analysis.cz website with distrust. But, I took the job, listed all the signals they'd given in the last 14, sat down at the computer, and checked to see if the results fit. And wonder of the world, sitting. If they continue to achieve results of around 10% per month, I have no problem paying for it. It will come back to me.
Does anyone have experience with capital-analysis sites? My friend recommended them to me. He said the signals he had tried were successful in most cases. But I would like to know more opinions.
Thanks for answer Jack
I actually take them for about seven months and I have to admit that I am very satisfied so far. At the beginning, my phone support service helped me a lot, which I don't think anyone else in the competition has. Several signals go to my cell phone every day. Everything is clear and simple. I didn't expect much from it, I wanted to try it, but I'm surprised. The success of the signals is great.
David B.
Thanks for the answer, I will try them and I hope that I will finally move somewhere else with my trading.
Hello, what is your satisfaction with capital-analysis, more precisely with their support, will it teach you to trade, use indicators or technical analysis? Thank you for answer.
Hi Michael, I've been following their analyzes since the site was called capital analysis. I'm happy, but you'll probably have to learn how to trade yourself. I probably enjoy their extensive stock analyzes the most. There are well-explained reasons for buying or selling a stock, the positives listed in detail, and the potential risks that may be associated with trading the stock. In the end, there is a nice clear example of how the stock price can develop and how far he thinks the stock price will go.
I've been trading Capital Analysis signals for a week and so far I'm satisfied. 70% of profitable positions are not bad at all. I'll give it another 14 days and if they work the same as before, I'll buy access for the whole year. It pays off.
I booked 3 days for the exam and I'll go for it. I found what interests me. I have been trading commodities for a long time and especially commodity spreads. After a phone call with support, we were told that they are able to emit up to 15 signals per month, which is nice. They sent me an overview from last month and great. Currencies, indices, month-on-month and inter-commodity spreads. On spreads, it's nice that I always basically hedge the opening of one position by opening the counter-opposition in the opposite direction, so at the same time I reduce the risk at one point. Yesterday, in the SMS, I received a signal for petrol against heating oil with a 93 percent historical success rate.
Hi everyone, first I tried for 3 days. Then I paid for access to the VIP service for one month, when I managed to earn enough to pay for a whole year and I still had enough money left. If it goes on like this ...