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The global coronavirus pandemic, combined with the stock market crash, has sparked a "sudden and irreversible demand" for precious metals.

Coin dealers in America sold ALL AMERICAN EAGLE coins by mid-March, including gold, silver and platinum.

And that's not all. Coin surcharges and small castings have skyrocketed due to extreme demand. Surprisingly, spot prices for precious metals fell by more than 10% during this buying frenzy.

What is this all about?

When the stock market collapsed and governments advised people to stay at home, the economic impact was severe and rapid.

In fact, you or someone you know may have lost a significant source of income.

What if you need to get some money to pay your bills? You sell anything you can - including precious metals.

Analysts agree that the decline in precious metal prices was caused by large corporations, which, in urgent need to secure US dollars, needed to generate cash to pay employees and asset managers.

The good news is that gold prices have since found support and are stabilizing.

Even better is that:
The recent decline in spot prices for precious metals represents a huge opportunity to buy them.

What is this all about?

The coronavirus pandemic, combined with economic uncertainty and extreme demand for precious metals, means that

These low prices will not last long.

Analysts began to call this period:

"The last great buying opportunity of this decade."

History provides a closer perspective:

During the economic collapse in 2008, the price of gold fell by 20% in just two months. However, then began to grow steadily, gold outperformed the equity sector and reached record highs in 2011.

Experts predict that a similar scenario could reappear as the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates and the historic stock market collapse continues.

It could be argued that the time is approaching for the reopening of economies around the world, their restart. BUT, just as no one knew the consequences of the global expansion of coronavirus, no one currently knows where the release of restrictive measures will lead.



Any economic reopening of economies agreed by governments at this time is based on doctors' daily reports. In the meantime, applications for unemployment benefits will continue to accumulate, along with direct job losses. Unfortunately, any help from governments is currently not adequate for what their people are going through.

Analysts are also beginning to focus on the historic debt that the United States and most governments are incurring as they print and spend trillions of dollars around the world to save their economies. However, this will lead to a massive devaluation of currencies and at the same time provide a breeding ground for precious metals.

These are all bullish factors for gold as security.

Reopening the US economy, for example, will not deprive gold of its title of safe haven.

You can also take advantage of the current opportunity to buy gold, silver and platinum! The best part is that it's incredibly easy.

All you have to do is BUY and BUY.

This is something that EVERYONE can do.

That is all.

People who seized this opportunity in 2008 emerged from the then financial crisis with much more money in their trading accounts than they had in the beginning.

In contrast, investors who did not take this opportunity spent the next 10 years trying to regain what they lost at the beginning of the financial crisis, and these were often huge losses of 40-60%.

Just one small decision you make during this crisis could have a huge impact on your long-term wealth.


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