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Futures or commodity markets

Strategies that diversify your global investment

The objective of the investment strategy is to profit from the opportunities of the commodity market through four complementary investment methods: commodity spreads, trend following and option writing, and COT reporting. The commodity spread method uses recurring seasonal price behavior of some commodities, the relationship of prices of different commodities, or the relationship of different delivery dates of the same commodity. The trend-following method has been the most successful method of commodity investment in the long term and allows to participate in both rising and falling commodity price trends.

 The method of writing options is ideal for periods when nothing is happening on the market and its advantage is the possibility to earn even in a stagnating market and thus complements the other two methods.

Another option is to use COT reports, or Commitments of Traders. Unique statistics of individual exchanges on the composition of the contract owners of the instruments traded on the relevant stock exchange. Our analytical procedures can predict the beginning and end of trends using this data. Trend is your friend.

The four methods as a whole thus have the opportunity to achieve success under different market conditions: rising prices, falling prices and stagnating prices.

Method of following trends

is the most widely used and successful method of managing commodity markets (CTA) in the long term, by which the largest volume of funds is managed. Traders can trade with futures, options, or. other investment instruments for commodities, currency pairs, and other financial assets, such as interest rates, government bonds or equity indices. Trades take place on both a rise and a fall. It is precisely trades for decline that are an important element, which in the event of financial crises or other falls in the stock market very often brings positive returns.

Method of writing options

it is based on the sale (writing) of options in order to regularly and repeatedly collect option premiums. The economic principle of this method is based on the persistent phenomenon, when the option premiums contain expectations of higher market volatility than actually occurs. With appropriate risk management, this technique can provide a regular return especially in a stagnating market or in weak trends. The principle of this technique can be compared to the business of insurance companies, which also regularly collect policies (premiums for options) and spend less on real claims in the long term.

Seasonal commodity spread method

it is based on trading the spreads between two related futures contracts when one contract is always bought and another is sold. Examples include the purchase of gasoline and the simultaneous sale of oil, or the purchase of corn delivered in July and the sale of the December contract. The decisive factor for the outcome of the trade is not the movement of the price of one asset, but the difference between the prices of two assets. The basic analytical method is a statistical analysis of the historical seasonal spread behavior when this behavior shows considerable dependencies and is repeated.

Advanced COT analysis

Our analysts analyze non-stop changes in open positions, speculators' positions from net long to net short or vice versa. They also seek out the extreme positions of large players on the market, from the Large Speculant / Non Commercial group.

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High Grade Copper

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