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Contract for difference (CFDs)

Trading CFDs is a popular way of investing among both beginners and professional traders, suitable for both long-term investment strategies and short-term intraday trading.

CFD - Contracts for difference is one of the widespread trading instruments of recent years. Trading and investing in commodity CFDs may differ from traditional trading of stocks, for example. More than elsewhere, the prices of these commodities are strongly influenced by the evolution of the global economy, market requirements and technological progress.


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Detectives on the rise

CFDs are financial derivatives that allow investors to benefit from an increase or decrease in the prices of the underlying financial instruments and are often used for speculative deals. CFDs are not traded products but are classified as over-the-counter and are associated with many advantages but also some disadvantages.

Online traders are increasingly looking at this rapidly expanding investment product as a more flexible trading method than traditional stocks, commodities and currencies. CFD trading takes place at current prices on online trading platforms, without the delays often associated with regular stock exchange trading.

For a satisfied trader it is necessary to find a quality broker. The advantage of our analyzes is that you can use 90% of them with 99% of brokers offering CFDs.

Capital analysts also use third-party data for forecasting, one of which is the Capex website.

We analyze CFDs contracts across markets

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