We create and publish training materials and deal with the research of financial and commodity markets and identification of trading opportunities. We create information content in digital electronic form and its subsequent sale. We are not a stockbroker or broker, we are not financial institutions and we are not a financial intermediary.

Who we are

The website www.capital-analysis.com was originally created as a leisure activity of several enthusiasts working professionally for almost two decades in the world of financial markets. The reason for creating this site was and is a clear summary of more or less successful analytical work and showing both the professional and non-professional public that large banks or investment funds do not have to be behind a successful investment analyzes.

The content of the website www.capital-analysis.cz is our own independent analyzes covering, according to our popularity, various capital sectors and market comments. According to individual market segments, we take into account basic time ranges from short-term, through medium-term to long-term analyzes. The basis of analyses can be technical analysis, fundamental analysis or their combination, short-term or historically confirmed long-term seasonal factors or trends, as well as reactions to the current geopolitical events in the world. Our team members include Martin, a pioneer of AOS systems spread strategies with more than twenty years of real history, Robert, a sworn mentor and capital markets enthusiast with a specific passion for stock fundamental analysis. With more than twenty years of professional history, an integral part of our team is also a forex specialist, athlete, and philanthropist Vítězslav. And the last of the four basic founders of the analytical and information service is Vojta, a historically demonstrably very successful analyst focusing on selected commodity markets for energy or grains and oilseeds.

We are different

For subscribers to the VIP information analytical service Capital Analysis, we have built a system of permanent supervision and identification of interesting and progressive trading opportunities and their subsequent translation into a meaningful analyzes. The VIP service of the Capital Analysis information service can also be made available to you in real time via the web and our own mobile application. All signals and analyzes contain individual parameters for the possibly best of the trade. Even without having to waste more than 80% of your free time watching charts, you can increase your capital by an average of more than 18 % per month. This is thanks to our information service in the VIP section of the website and the Capital Analysis mobile application. We must emphasize that Capital Analysis acts and is only an information service and that it is by no means investment advice. It is up to each user of the information VIP service how to handle the provided information. Historical results, successful predictions, all this should save you time and open the way to easier decisions about how to capitalize on your capital.


Together with access to the VIP section of the website, you will get a unique mobile application, thanks to which you will have information about investment opportunities at your fingertips at any time. Thanks to your busy schedule, you will never miss an advantageous investment opportunity. You will be online with your analysts 24 hours a day. By logging in to the VIP section, you gain access to investment video comments, detailed analyzes of stock titles and investment signals according to technical and fundamental analysis.

All this with notifications through PUSH NOTIFICATIONS / MESSAGES in the application. The VIP section will expand your view and business opportunities. The signals and analyzes you always have on hand cover the stock, commodity and currency markets, including cryptocurrencies. You can use a clear division into seasonal signals, trend signals, video market comments, stock signals and signals, and analysis for currencies and cryptocurrencies. All this with more than 82% historical success! Analyzes and signals in the VIP section have only been able to evaluate users' order costs by more than hundreds of percent in the last quarter of a year alone.

From time to time, as a bonus for VIP subscribers, we publish large-format equity and commodity analyzes with a detailed analysis of positives, fundamentals, risks and an illustration of financial model.