We create and publish training materials and deal with the research of financial and commodity markets and identification of trading opportunities. We create information content in digital electronic form and its subsequent sale. We are not a stockbroker or broker, we are not financial institutions and we are not a financial intermediary.


Without our training and educational materials you have no chance of surviving in the commodity and currency markets

Prepared for you by a team of Capital Analysis contributors

Our educational e-books will give you the necessary overview of the functioning of the Forex market and commodity markets and how to organize so far losing trades, so that they will earn you the money. You will get familiarized with current trends in global markets and learn what fundamentals can more or less influence one or another commodity or currency pair.

You have probably already been contacted by someone trying to convince you not to hesitate and start trading on the stock exchange or over the counter markets. The problem of such contacts is often "fogging", ie trying to provide you with too much information, which often leads to the impression that it is such a complex form of investment that you need to spend much more time to understand it than you like.

Unlike others, we will give you and help you to understand only the really important and necessary information that will help you to understand well and quickly in stock and OTC markets, gain confidence in Forex and commodities and understand the principles of successful trading.

Forex trading, spreads and commodities change over time, just like everything else around us. What was true 5, 10, 15 and more years ago is definitely not the rule today. The last decade has brought many changes to the markets, which need to be responded quickly and, above all, effectively, to adapt analytical procedures and to adjust business strategy accordingly.

Through a detailed analysis of trends in history and the present, our professional analysts and traders with many years of experience have been able to create methods that are better able to cope with current pitfalls in the financial markets.


Under the word exchange commodity, many people still don't know what to imagine. Yet, they surround us in our lives constantly at every step. They provide us with a certain standard, comfort, warmth, etc. It can be diesel or petrol for your car, food, jewelry, cereals and others. We take them for granted and they often get our attention when we register a change in their pricem, that consists of the basic building blocks of trade, ie supply and demand.

Many commodities can be traded and money can be made on them.

As demand grows, so does the price of a commodity, and conversely, when demand is low, traders cannot afford to want too much for goods. Commodity trading in financial world does not take place on the market around the corner of your house, but on large commodity exchanges, where individuals, groups or companies from all over the world can trade...



Probably no other form of trading among traders enjoys such a popularity as currency trading on the Forex, which has gained unprecedented popularity in recent years and has undergone a global boom. The allurement for investors is a wealth of investment opportunities, considerable trading comfort combined with relatively low capital requirements.

We know that real trading on Forex is not a simple matter, so we offer you this multi-part ebook for free. You will learn the most important things that could help you increase your chances at the beginning of your real trading.


If you try to find spread trading information on the Internet, you will probably find that relevant information is not easy to find. Once you find it, you'll realize that spread trading can be described as one of the best secrets kept by traders, hidden from the public for many years.

We do not agree with this approach, which is why we have created the e-book INTRODUCTION TO SPREADS, which will reveal long-term hidden information from big players in the markets and show you how to use the newly acquired knowledge. The basics of spread trading are simple, so learn them...


Are you interested in stock trading? Don't you know how to get started? Do you not believe in your own capabilities and would you rather like to use the services of a consultant or a program that could calculate and guard your trading for you? Or are you a trader, but are you tired of watching market developments in the trading platform all the day?

There is a solution for all of you. Monitoring market developments and changes and the ability to respond flexibly to declines and increases are now the domain of Automatic Trading Systems (ATS).

Using them eliminates the need to monitor the events on the markets all day...


Funds - a product that is, due to its simplicity of offer, a very popular instrument of investment advisors. At the present, mostly open-ended mutual funds are offered to investors or unit-holders, in exchange for the money invested, participation certificates which value corresponds to the proportion of invested funds in the fund's equity.

Financial derivatives are generally offered by a smaller number of investment advisors, due to the increased difficulty of the issue and higher knowledge required by the regulator. A financial derivative is a financial instrument based on a more basic financial instrument (the underlying asset). The underlying may be, for example, a stock or a commodity and others...


Do you go to work, do business, care for your family and, like many people around you, worry about the future of your family or business? Are you a busy person who thinks how to keep your family's environment quality in the future? Or do you want to actively increase your free capital and pursue your goal that your profession cannot offer you?

If so, you need to invest. But WHERE, HOW AND WHAT? These questions can give you many sleepless nights.

No wonder, since right away ......continue reading.