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9.2.21 11:21_Signal update Corn long from 27.1. 10:46_TAKE PROFIT


ORIGINAL TEXT: Corn long. At first glance, the corn market appears to be significantly overbought, but CA analysts continue to publish long analyzes. The full potential of this market is certainly not exhausted. The maize market is maintaining a net upward trend. For many, an analysis of the rise in price when looking at the chart over the last 2-3 years may seem crazy, but an experienced investor / analyst is looking at more complex data. Looking at the longer history, we can see that the price of the corn contract on the CBOT was already at much higher levels. The price of 800 USc / bushel is not unrealistic. Due to the growing problems in growing areas with Covid-19, we may encounter new levels of trade next year.


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