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5.11. 11:08_Signal UPDATE Corn Long from 26.10. 13:09_SIGNAL REMINDER


Capital Analysis analysts would like to remind you of the “Long” analysis of the corn contract from 26.10.2020. The upward trend, which found a local maximum for CFD contracts a few days ago, then made a correction, which is gaining strength again. From the current point of view, there is an interesting investment opportunity. Due to one already active analysis, which currently shows a slight open loss, no additional purchase has been published yet. But for customers, analysts and traders who have not yet used this market to their advantage, the current exchange rate is an interesting entry point.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Corn Long. Ethanol production is in full swing and the price of corn or sugar is slowly breaking records. The current price of corn is far from historicall maximum and still has a long way to go. For example, the prices from June 2019, when corn was over 470 USc / bushel, or September 2012, when it reached 800 USc / bushel !! Position analysts and long-term investors clearly trust the bulls.

Graph source: WebTrader


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