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5.11. 10:17_Signal UPDATE Derwent London Short from 4.11. 11:21_STOP LOSS


ORIGINAL TEXT: Derwent London Short. Derwent London plc – a prestigious investor company operating on the market since 1913. The company, which manages more than 1,000,000 square meters in its portfolio under commercial lease, is performing worse in economic results due to restrictions in individual EU countries. Any information about the improvement of Covid19 in individual countries will pour the owners of these stocks, CFD blood into the veins. But we probably don’t expect much news like that now. Gradual tightening in individual European countries rather undermines the morale of traders, but also provides a chance for us Capital Analysis analysts for a short analysis. The market is in a nice descending channel and at first glance follows the basic technical rules of the “choppy trend”.

Graph source: WebTrader


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