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4.9. 10:00_Signal UPDATE Crude Oil SHORT from 13.8. 10:00_TAKE PROFIT



Wednesday’s oil stock statistics turned out to be better than expected for long traders. Decrease of stocks by 9.4 mil. barrels compared to the expected decline of 4 million barrels is an extreme difference. But the market took over. It has fallen by more than $ 2 since the statistics were released. Short analysis from 20.8. was almost terminated this morning for a limit price. Unfortunately, intraday support has so far proved to be a strong opponent. For this reason, its creators end this analysis with an 8% evaluation and are still waiting for the remaining short analyzes.


ORIGINAL TEXT: Crude Oil Short. Crude Oil Sell Stop. Oil has been in a relatively narrow business zone for several weeks now. Breaking the midline of 41.50 should signal the continuation of the side strategy and a gradual drop to a slide of around $ 39 per barrel.




Chart source: WebTrader


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