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21/1/7 11:27(CET)_Signal UPDATE Commerzbank Long from 20/12/7 10:28(CET)_TAKE PROFIT



The signal ended with an appreciation of over 17% of the investment in the margin.


ORIGINAL TEXT: Commerzbank Long. CFDs, shares of Commerzbank AG tested local highs, broke through for a short time, which was reflected in the profit analysis of November 25, 2020, which was closed on Friday. The ongoing intraday correction is again an interesting value for the next long assumption. This situation is so-called interesting for trying to enter the market cheaper. The cheap euro or the dollar, which forces states to the market even under the threat of “violence”, sometimes pushes the markets up illogically. The end of the gold standard and logic is long gone. And every reasonable and long-term profitable analyst must adapt and go with the crowd.

Chart source: WebTrader


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