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21/1/6 11:41(CET)_Sugar_SHORT

Sugar Short. Attention! The turnaround is coming, it sounds from the mouths of many analysts in the sugar market. The price of this commodity has risen above 16 points and the threshold price of 17 is approaching. The market has been in the “Uptrend” for a long time, which had a negative effect on the previously published short analysis. Current developments point to increasing nervousness in this market. Given the expected Wasde report and the assumptions of an excellent harvest, everything revolves around Covid 19. The current price and its resistance are formed by concerns about human resources and distribution channels. Optional markets show lower demand for Call options with “Strike” 17 and higher. This records a decline in interest in the more distant Call option Out of the money. This is a great signal for long-term bull investors. It means STOP. The situation may develop differently, but the data speak for themselves so far. Short analysis is another in a series published by Capital Analysis.

Chart and table source: WebTrader


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