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21/1/19 11:50(CET)_Signal UPDATE VIXX Short from 21/1/15 9:36(CET)_SIGNAL REMINDER



The new week of Volatility Index S&P500 started with a decline and meets the long-term assumption of CA. A visible “gap” on the chart for a number of CFD traders was caused by rolling. This artificial loss is usually positively calculated by a positive rollover. The size of interest may vary from broker to broker. Overall, CA analysts continue to find the analysis of Vixx’s price drop very attractive.


ORIGINAL TEXT: VIXX Short. Today, CA analysts are returning to short limit analysis. According to Bloomberg analysts, the current situation in the field of economic statistics is unstable. Yesterday’s statistics of those interested in unemployment benefits did not show positive numbers. Increase of applicants by approx. 200 thousand more as expected sheds a bad light on the US dollar. Other statistics this week still speak neutrally. Volumes in the stock market have fallen slightly and traders are waiting for another influx of funds. Thanks to this situation, Vixx bounced back from the local lows and is still waiting with his expedition to the south. So now comes an interesting opportunity for higher sales.

Chart source: WebTrader


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