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20/12/8 11:05(CET)_Signal UPDATE SAP Long from 27.10. 12:08_TAKE PROFIT



Due to the release of investment capital in the sample trading account, CA analysts are closing a sufficiently inefficient analysis on SAP.


ORIGINAL TEXT: SAP Long.Business information systems for hundreds of thousands of euros or USD are currently experiencing difficult times. Large companies limit production and thus investment in large projects. It is true that sensible companies use the current market and social situation for modernization and change, but in a limited way. Unfortunately, large-scale changes, such as the information systems distributed by SAP, are in the background. For this reason, during yesterday’s session, the management of SAP issued a report on the year-on-year decrease in operating profit by 12%. Subsequently, the company’s shares have fallen for the last 24 years. Until now, Capital Analysis analysts have been working on short-term analyzes for this title. They now reverse and publish a long analysis, but only at a ratio of 1% of the volume to the investment. The current price is interesting from a long-term perspective and positional creation of a basket of investments.

Chart source: WebTrader


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