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20/12/3 10:45(CET)_EEE_LONG

EEE Long. Coca Cola HBC AG is a Swiss bottling plant for Coca-Cola products. The company’s segments include established markets, including Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Switzerland. Developing markets, including Croatia, the Czech Republic and other EU countries. The market successfully recovered from the negative numbers, where Coca Cola HBC AG’s June revenues fell by 16% to EUR 2.83 billion. Net income decreased by 36% to EUR 124 million. Revenues of course reflect a decrease in the established segment by 20% to EUR 985.9 million, a decrease in the emerging segment by 10% to EUR 1.33 billion, and a decrease in the development segment by 19% to EUR 520.2 million. And these are the numbers that are bad for any giant. But it worked. Now, with the coming period of higher consumption of sweet lemonades, the price is slowly and surely shifting to pre-coronavirus prices. The analysis of the rise in price is suitable for long-term analysts in the stock basket set.

Chart and table source: WebTrader


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