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20/12/17 9:59(CET)_Signal UPDATE Nasdaq100 Long from 20/12/16 9:53(CET)_TAKE PROFIT



CA analysts today, due to concerns about the correction, close the long analysis for the Nasdaq stock index from 20/12/16 with an appreciation of over 175%.


ORIGINAL TEXT: Nasdaq Long. Tuesday’s analysis of the rise in price ended successfully on the values ​​of the expected profit target. Now, CA analysts are continuing their assumption. The positive market reaction to the radical steps in the Covid-19 solution with the vision of better economic results is pushing the markets further up. The useless correction on stock indices gives experienced fighters / investors a chance at interesting entry prices. The potential of over 100% of the investment is an opportunity that has not been offered recently. The price rise analysis is published with a medium-term outlook. Every experienced investor knows that purchases are most interesting during the downturn. Fundamentally, economic information is also positive at the expense of Covid-19, and a cheap dollar is helping markets grow. Markets respond positively to positive information about possible vaccinations in individual countries.

Chart source: WebTrader


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