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20/12/11 10:02(CET)_DollarIndex_SHORT

DollarIndex Short. Massive printing of money, state debt unparalleled, zero logic of investments in state administration. Problems in establishing order among the population, the absolute diversion of the population after the election of the president, the largest debtor of China. All this and much more undermines long-term confidence in the value of the dollar. The times of the gold standard are irretrievably gone and the present value of the well-known paper money in the form of the dollar, but also the euro, is severely broken and perhaps even over. According to the numbers, cryptocurrencies are gradually taking over responsibility for part of the world’s transactions. Thus, there is a clear development for the development of the Dollar Index, and that is a decline. CA analysts publish a LONG-TERM short analysis with a view to declining to 80, but may be larger. Analysts will continuously assess the situation and proceed to the gradual accumulation of analyzes.

Chart and table source: WebTrader


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