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14.4.21 16:11_Cocoa_SHORT

Cocoa Short. Cocoa prices rose slightly yesterday in response to global data on cocoa processing in response to short-term coverage. Cocoa prices have fallen recently. London cocoa fell to a four-month low on Monday. New York cocoa fell to a five-month low last Friday. The pressure on global cocoa prices is created mainly by overproduction in West Africa has reduced cocoa prices. Cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana report favorable conditions for growth, which are a good sign for the main harvest that has just begun. Another factor is the current cocoa reserves monitored on the London Stock Exchange ICE, which climbed to its highest level in 21 months on Monday. Cocoa prices are also affected by a demand factor that may suffer in Europe after France, Italy and Germany expanded their anti-pandemic measures to curb the third wave of Covid.


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