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11.2.21 10:28_Signal update Sugar 11 long from 27.1. 11:01_SIGNAL CHANGE

Sugar 11 update. CA analysts today for the Sugar long signal from 27.1. they add a stop loss at the level of 16.60. Sugar often monitors the price of oil. If the current rise in the price of black gold results in OPEC reducing oil production less than expected as a result, we could see a fall in the price of this commodity and, with it, the price of sugar. We lock up a certain profit with this step.

Original text: Sugar Long.Thanks to the Trend Following strategy, the long-term growth trend can be fully utilized. Bouncing off the support line around 15.50 confirmed the bullish mood. Enormous imports from China or ethanol production can all set new price limits. CA analysts publish another long-term analysis with a long-term outlook.


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