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10.2. 9:06_Signal update Palladium long from 8.2. 13:24_CANCEL


Today, CA analysts cancel the purchase stop analysis for palladium from 8.2. It can be seen that the bull traders do not have as much power as it might seem and as we might wish, and therefore it will be better to wait for a better situation that will be better suited to current events.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Palladium long – Buy Stop. During today, CA analysts successfully closed long position at Palladium from last week with the expected profit. Although the original foundation is still valid – in 2020 palladium recorded its fifth consecutive year of profits and similarly, according to many analysts, it should be this year as well. The expectation, albeit a modest, recovery of the economies after Covid-19 begins to retreat with regard to the vaccination of society could help. This may seem like a long-distance run, but a short-term analysis of the rise in the price of the metal seems appropriate after a rebound from support at the end of January it is seems appropriate to check the purchasing power of bull traders in uncertain times. Therefore, CAs publish a long analysis per track.


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